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We’ve viewed and reviewed the list of the NBA’s all-time greatest time and again. Some of the players on it will never be argued, others leave enough room for consideration.

Today, we offer our own perspective on the greatest NBA players ever, taking into account not only their records and production, but also their career path and style:

LeBron James. The four-time MVP has three championships and three Finals MVP awards to go with a list of accomplishments that run longer than this page. He is a role model and hometown favorite in Ohio, where he did the seemingly impossible in bringing the Cleveland Cavaliers a championship.

Even as opposing superstars team up to quicken the end of the King James’ era, it is never wise to be against LeBron; whose games always hit the highest odds at Basketball Betting Odds Comparison websites.

Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq might not be the greatest player in NBA history, but his name rings the loudest when discussing the most dominant.

Four NBA championships do little justice to how thoroughly he imposed his will on games, using his height, sheer size and agility to break opposing defenses into submission.

Michael Jordan. Starting with his 1981 record-breaking McDonald’s All-American game performance, Jordan has captured our imagination, living up to our basketball predictions, winning six championships and five Most Valuable Player awards.

Wilt Chamberlain: Wilt was an athlete before his time, capable of dominating in any era. His 100 points in a single game stands as one of the few NBA records that may never be broken.

Kobe Bryant. A tendon rupture hampered the final years of Bryant’s career, but his will was still present to the end, finding enough magic for a 60-point performance in the final game of his career.

Bryant might not be the greatest star in Lakers’ history, but he often shone brightest, winning five NBA titles and surpassing Michael Jordan as the second leading scorer in NBA history.

The names on our list weren’t compiled by scores or records, but by the impact and impressions left on the game as a whole.



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