November 9, 2018
Marcus Smart is showing intelligent play on both sides of the ball for the Celtics. (Photo: Sergio Estrada – USA TODAY Sports)

With the trade deadline now in the rear view, teams are now gearing up for the final push towards the post season.

On the podcast today, Dave DuFour joins me as we attempt to unpack the NBA’s problems one at a time. We take a look at the Golden State Warriors deciding to part ways with Briante Weber in favor of adding experience in the form of Jose Calderon and why we think it may not be the best move.

We discuss how Marcus Smart has become a no-brainer in our minds.  The Boston Celtics guard has shown his intelligence on both sides of the ball, providing Boston with a dangerous weapon.

We journey to Salt Lake City and dissect the Utah Jazz lineup as they look to go from a good to great team. Although the Jazz have solidified themselves as a playoff team in the west, we try to find what is keeping them out of the contender conversation.

And we examine how Phil Jackson’s presence in New York is not as bad as the media makes it out to be. The Zen master may have lucked into a talented Latvian but he has built a solid core of young talent that will allow the Knicks to fight for a playoff spot.

The final two months of the season will prove which teams can rise to a contending status and which ones will be focused on the ping pong balls in June. The Celtics and Jazz will look to move into the top tier of teams in the league as the Knicks look to find their way into the post season. We have already seen how the Cavaliers and Warriors are using the waiver wire by adding more experience for their journey back to the Finals.

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