November 17, 2017
Russell Westbrook, Thunder
Russell Westbrook didn’t get a triple-double, but he got a win vs. Boston. (Photo: Mark D. Smith – USA TODAY Sports)


Here’s the deal: BBallBreakdown approached the trade deadline from a fresh perspective; 30 writers (and podcasters, and various other NBA heads) each were awarded a team to run, and the BBAllBreakdown mock trade deadline ensued. Blockbuster deals were made, franchises were forever altered. Check out the full scope of our BBallBreakdown trade bonanza here.

Now that the dust has cleared, how’d our bevy of general manager’s fare? We already covered the Eastern conference here; shout out to Zito Madu, Dan Carson, and Steven McPherson for dropping knowledge on the East.

For the Western conference, I got Kyle Neubeck of Liberty Ballers, Josh Priemski of SB Nation’s At The Hive, and Bleacher Report’s Tyler Conway to hold down the analysis. Let’s go.

Northwest – Kyle Neubeck (@KyleNeubeck, managing editor at Liberty Ballers)


-The Jazz send Alec Burks and Shelvin Mack to the Cavaliers in separate deals (to fit Mack into the trade exception) for the rights to Cedi Osman and rights to swap 2019 second round picks for the second from the Timberwolves or Lakers.

-The Jazz send Rodney Hood and Iman Shumpert to the Trail Blazers for Khris Middleton (via Portland’s deal with the Bucks).

-The Jazz send Derrick Favors to the Magic and Raul Neto to the Raptors in a three-team trade that nets them Patrick Patterson and Cory Joseph.

-The Jazz receive James Young and a second round pick in a three-team trade with the Celtics and Kings.


The Thunder send Cam Payne, Josh Huestis and give the Lakers the right to swap their 2018 second round pick for the better of the Nuggets/Thunder second round pick to Los Angeles for Lou Williams and Thomas Robinson


The Nuggets send Wilson Chandler to the Houston Rockets for Corey Brewer and the Rockets’ 2017 first round pick.


-The Trail Blazers send Allen Crabbe to the Mavericks for Wes Matthews.

-The Trail Blazers send Al-Farouq Aminu, Ed Davis, Festus Ezeli and two top-10 protected first round picks (2017 and 2019) to the Nets for Brook Lopez and Sean Kilpatrick.

-The Trail Blazers sent Damian Lillard, Evan Turner, Mason Plumlee and Shabazz Napier to Milwaukee for Malcolm Brogdon, Jabari Parker, Khris Middleton, Thon Maker and John Henson. Waive Tim Quarterman.

-The Trail Blazers flip Middleton to the Jazz for Rodney Hood and Iman Shumpert and send Hood and Brook Lopez to the Clippers for DeAndre Jordan.

-The Trail Blazers trade Noah Vonleh, Pat Connaughton and the Cavaliers’ 2017 first round pick for Taurean Prince



With the Blazers and jazz making power moves, the Wolves didn’t run with the big dogs and stayed on the porch. Anything you see that could shake up the West?


I just got whiplash trying to process all those moves for Portland. Love Oliver, but I’m trying to figure out what the hell happened there.

I actually really like the push to get Middleton from the Jazz, assuming they can get him up to speed sooner rather than later. He’s only a little over a year older than Rodney Hood is right now, and you get an upgrade in both shooting and defense. Utah has a clear identity as a defensive team with Gobert as the spine, so I like accentuating that whenever possible.

Yeah, I agree, Jazz would be dangerous with Middleton there; he’s a defensive upgrade and, along with Patrick Patterson, would dovetail nicely with the versatile nature of the rest of the roster. They should fire James Young into the sun.

Were the Wolves right to hold tight? Do Lou Williams and Thomas Robinson move the needle for OKC?

Kyle: I guess I’m just not sure what I’d want to see the Wolves do at this point. Unless they’re getting a flat-out star a la Jimmy Butler back, i would be hesitant to get too crazy with moves or altering their timeline to try to fix things quicker. LaVine is the guy I would’ve tried to see if I could sell high on — I think he’s a miserable defensive player — but that’s obviously a lot tougher when he’s hurt.

Lou-Will helps OKC around the margins and gives you some lineup flexibility, I just don’t think it does much to change the tiers out West. Without a second star the Thunder will be good, just not good enough to compete with the West’s upper echelon. Breaking news: losing Kevin Durant for nothing is hard to recover from.

I’ve been preaching “let it marinate” for the Wolves all year, so I’m in agreement about their timeline. What’s the rush? And yup, the Thunder will have to look to do something drastic to help Westbrook this summer; a deadline move  for a role guy or two won’t radically shift their standing in the West. Grade time! Join me, sir.

Utah streamlined and refined their roster. I like it. A

Kyle: Utah upgraded and made a move that shows a clear understanding of what they have on hand. A+

Thunder tinkered, but Lou Williams can fill it up and Thomas Robinson’s athleticism might help a ton at power forward with Kanter out. B

Kyle: OKC gets a B+ for taking some of the onus off of Westbrook to create. That’s about where I see them grading out as a team, too — good enough with Westbrook, not quite at the top of the class.

Nuggets get ANOTHER pick and the poor man’s Wilson Chandler. Meh. D+

Kyle: I’m cool with Denver adding more picks because I think they still need to keep swinging for a star-level talent to compliment Jokic, but nobody has been interested in Corey Brewer since he left Florida. C

Blazers complete overhaul means you’ve got McCollum-Matthews-Jabari-Thon Maker-DeAndre Jordan with Brogdon, Henson, Prince, Kilpatrick, and Shumpert off the bench? This….this actually works for me. Blow it up and shed contracts while still being interesting. Screw it, A+ for being bold as hell.

Kyle: I give Portland a WTF grade for now solely because they turned my brain to mush. When I figure out in my head what exactly that team would look like, I could put them anywhere on the scale. I’m with you, A for effort at least.

Wolves did nada. That’s cool I guess. B-

Kyle: Since the Wolves still have Towns and Wiggins and lots of time in front of them, I’ll give them a B for not doing anything to screw that up.

Stephen Curry, Warriors

Pacific – Josh Priemski (@HoopPlusTheHarm, managing editor of SBNation’s At The Hive)




The Los Angeles Clippers send DeAndre Jordan to the Portland Trail Blazers for Brook Lopez (acquired from Brooklyn) and Rodney Hood (acquired from Utah).


The Kings send DeMarcus Cousins, Matt Barnes and Ben McLemore to the Celtics for the better of the Nets/Celtics’ 2017 first round pick, Amir Johnson, Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, Demetrius Jackson, Boston’s 2018 first round pick and the 2019 Memphis pick, plus $1 million.


The Lakers send Lou Williams and Thomas Robinson to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Cam Payne, Josh Huestis and the rights to swap for the better of the Nuggets/Thunder 2018 second round pick.


The Suns send P.J. Tucker to the Indiana Pacers for Rodney Stuckey, a 2019 top 14 protected first round pick (first round pick carries over one year and turns into two second round picks if not conveyed after 2020) and a conditional second round pick.

Warriors (understandably) stood pat, but there was a lot of action in the Pacific; kudos to Leo (@LeoBeas) for having the guts to hit the detonation plunger in Sacramento. Did he get enough for Boogie? Who else deserves a high five?


Warriors: I’m glad to see no one was willing to trade with the Warriors. They’re stacked from 1 through 15 and need no help whatsoever. Let’s see what they’re about in their current incarnation.

Clippers: I love this move for the Clippers. While DeAndre Jordan is very important to what they do, the Clippers could use another scorer in the post and Brook Lopez can provide that. His ability to stretch the floor complements Chris Paul and Blake Griffin perfectly. I suspect the Nets would want a pick to give them something to do this summer, though.

Kings: No, not Boogie! I’m gonna be frank: I do not like this trade for the Kings at all. The Celtics are absolutely fleecing them in this deal. Cousins is a superstar talent and the Celtics are only sending back middling pieces, that Nets pick aside. The Kings are unlikely to get a star with this package, and for that reason I do not like this deal. The Celtics are quite happy with it, I imagine.

Lakers: Don’t think the Lakers are getting enough for Lou Williams in this deal. Lou’s the only sixth man in the NBA with a song about him, and for good reason. The dude can flat-out score. Cameron Payne and Josh Huestis are intriguing pieces, but the Lakers can probably do better. That said, I’d love to see Lou and Robinson playing with Russell Westbrook.

Suns: This is a good trade for the Suns. They’re not ready to compete and a piece like Tucker is a luxury for contenders, not someone you want in your rebuild. Stuckey’s not the greatest return, but the possibility of getting two or three picks should keep them happy as they continue to build their roster. This is nice for the Pacers, too.

You summed it up perfectly.  Let’s slap a grade on these suckers.

Dubs get an B+: they’re ‘light years’ ahead of everyone in the west (could have used another big but whatever )

Josh: I’m cool with a B+ for the Warriors. They can’t afford much on the trade market without breaking up their core. Not that they need much.

Clips get an A+ for Hood; his scoring  and ball handling with CP3 and Blake makes them incredible.

Josh: I’ll give the Clippers an A-. Lopez is a good get and fits well. Hood is a bonus.

Yeah, Lakers could have copped more for Lou, but it’s more about clearing space for the young guys and they got legit youth for him. C+?

Josh: The Lakers didn’t get a ton of value for Lou, but it’s not abysmal. Yeah, let’s go with a C+.

-Kings? I like it. B-. Clear the decks and start fresh, a star in return ain’t needed; it’s a full blown youth movement.

Josh: Gonna have to give the Kings a C- for this deal. I’m convinced they can do better for Boogie.

Agree with you on the Suns; picks for Tucker is cool, but I’d have rather they snagged a rotation wing instead of ANOTHER guard. C-

Josh: The Suns came out of that deal okay. If they end up getting each of those picks, I’d give the deal a solid B.

Kawhi Leonard, Spurs

Southwest – Tyler Conway (@JTylerConway, NBA writer for Bleacher Report)




The Houston Rockets send Corey Brewer and their 2017 first round pick for Wilson Chandler.


No moves


-The Mavericks send Andrew Bogut, Deron Williams, Justin Anderson, 2018 unprotected first round pick for Hassan Whiteside and Josh Richardson.

-The Mavericks send Wes Matthews to the Portland Trail Blazers for Allen Crabbe.

-The Mavericks send Seth Curry, J.J. Barea and a 2020 first round pick for Jahlil Okafor.


No trades

What the….3 of the 5 teams in the southwest didn’t make a freakin’ move. Which team SHOULD have swung a trade the most? Any ideas?


Not sure if there was an effort made and nothing panned out or what, but the Pelicans should have done everything in their power to unload their two most ghastly contracts (Omer Asik and Solomon Hill). I’m usually Team No Trade First-Round Picks. But in this case, the opportunity cost is worth dumping a lottery protected 2017 pick or a top-seven/eight-protected pick in 2018. I also would have floated Jrue Holiday’s name because unlikely to come back this summer.

Completely agree; Pelicans desperately need to upgrade around Brow, and Jrue is ballin’, could net some quality.

The Mavs were proactive as hell, and bringing in Whiteside and Josh Richardson with Jahlil Okafor is franchise changing. Dirk now has a real deal center AND Jah gives them a devastating interior scoring presence.  How do they stack up to the Rockets with Wilson Chandler?

Tyler: Rick Carlisle is a wizard, but that Dallas team still isn’t good—at least not good enough to do more than compete for a 6 or 7 seed. Dirk’s 38 and has looked every bit his age this year. I suppose you have to do that Miami trade because it’s unfathomably bad from the Heat’s side. If you offer that trade to Miami in NBA2K, the game would become sentient and punch you in your face.

After adding Whiteside, I see no point in overpaying for Okafor. The price on him right now, essentially, is a first-round pick. To give that up along with Curry and Barea, two solid bench guards on good contracts, is way too much given the market.

Dallas is essentially shuffling the deck chairs on a low-rent Carnival Cruise when they need to rebuild.

– Like the Rox trade for Chandler, especially with him locked up through 2018-19.

Let’s trademark a face-punching video game. Let’s throw out quick grades before we get out of here:

I like what the Mavericks did, setting themselves up for a jumbo Whiteside/Okafor pairing (which won’t work but I love chaos), and I’m a huge Josh Richardson fan. B-.

Tyler: Mavericks,B: The no brainer aspect of that Whiteside/Richardson deal bumps them up to a better grade than the other two deals.

Solid move for the Rockets, Chandler is a tremendous wing upgrade. Beverley-Harden-Ariza-Chandler-Capela lineups would be incendiary. Strong A.

Tyler: Rockets A-: The Wilson Chandler trade is good. I just question trading a 2017 pick in what might be the deepest draft ever.

I understand the Spurs holding firm, all good. A.

Tyler: Spurs, B+: I just can’t give anyone that didn’t improve at all an A. Spurs still need to get more athletic to compete with GS.

Pelicans definitely needed to shuffle the deck and dropped the ball. D-

Tyler: Pelicans, D: Can’t fail them without knowing what they tried to do but they really needed to make a move.

Grizz are already paying big bucks for guys and are chugging along. Hell, they seem to have the Dubs’ number, so….A? What say you?

Tyler: Grizzlies, B: Would have desperately tried to get out of that Parsons contract.

How’d we do? Make sure you let me know either in the comments, or over on Twitter, @JHolasHoops. And be sure to check out and follow @KyleNeubeck, @HoopPlusTheHarm, and @JTylerConway on Twitter!

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