February 15, 2019
Is Hassan Whiteside the right type of player for the Heat to build around? (Photo: Kelvin Kuo – USA TODAY Sports)

By Coach Nick

On this edition of the Bballbreadown podcast, my guest Aaron Bruski of Hoop-Ball.com and I explore the Miami Heat and the temptation of tanking, the promising signs of why this year’s trade deadline could be great and whether or not post moves have officially become past moves:

“If we ever had the chance to find a new crop of big men that had better footwork and can finish, we wouldn’t be arguing that the post up isn’t an efficient shot.” -Coach Nick on Post Moves

We also discuss the Miami Heat, tanking and the trade value of Goran Dragic and Paul Millsap.

“Not typically their M.O., they talked a lot about it in the preseason that they would not do that but the injuries seem to have pointed them toward that inevitability.” -Aaron Bruski on the Heat tanking.

“He’s got tremendous trade value not just as a long term piece but even as a rental.” – Aaron Bruski on Millsap trade value


There you have it sports fans, an insight into how injuries and lack of depth have contributed to Miami’s blatant tanking. We discussed the how the trade value of players such as Goran Dragic and Paul Millsap can make the trade deadline more interesting than previous years. Finally we concluded that the post shot can be an efficient shot when the post players are using efficient post moves.
Thank you for listening and stay tuned for the next edition of the podcast here at BBallbreakdown.com.

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