October 18, 2018
As a warm up to our post game show, Coach Nick and Dave DuFour keep a running diary of their thoughts on the game as it unfolds in real time. Relive the Celtics Spurs game through their eyes:


Coach Nick:  Marcus Smart can hit a floater and look good doing it

Sheesh, Bradley just froze and lost Green for that 3

Dave:  Anyone can hit a floater over Gasol

Bradley helping away from Green is less than ideal.

David Lee will struggle to guard Horford.

Gasol traveled there. Great defense by Smart, as usual.

Coach Nick:  Celtics are scrappy

Feels like these 2 offenses are similar but

Dave:  Starting 5 plus defenders is a rarity.

That should say “plus” defenders

Coach Nick:  Gee, Al Horford makes the Celtics look good. Who knew?

Dave:  Can’t lose Bradley in the corner like that. Pop is going to yell at Danny Green again.

Coach Nick:  Oh, Danny boy…

JA Adande looks so happy

Dave:  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not smiling. That’s awesome.

Crowder got a piece of that Kawhi jumper. Best contract in the NBA

Coach Nick:  That practice footage looked like lost VHS tape of Sabonis in the USSR


Spy footage.

Duncan is coming back.

Dave:  A lot of early offense tonight.

Coach Nick:  I still don’t like how Kawhi shoots the jumper

Dave:  I love how he controls the ball at the rim.

Dave:  Is Manu the best inbound pass defender in NBA history?

Coach Nick:  What did he do? I just got a plate of spaghetti

Dave:  Why do you think Pop is the last guy to know that Dedmon and Mills > Gasol and Parker?


Manu tipped the inbound, triggered a shot clock violation.

Coach Nick:  The Spurs and Celtics just ran the same pistol play back to back

Feels like the team who runs the best secondary offense wins this game

Dave:  Absolutely.

Jaylen Brown on Kawhi is a huge mismatch. Pop will keep going to it.

The camera man made an amazing defensive play taking out Mills.


Coach Nick:  Dedmon comes in and immediately contests a miss at the rim

Dave:  And Manu steals the inbound.

Coach Nick:  So were u in the future when u wrote that Manu text before?

Dave:  Yeah. Donald Trump is the President. Can you believe it?

Coach Nick:  Can Dedmond really shoot soft floaters?

Dave:  Do you want Dedmon shooting floaters?

Coach Nick:  Oh shit. Are the Cubs going to win again?

I want Dedmon doing everything. I want him drinking vitamin water

Dave:  So does 50 Cent.

Dave:  By the way, did you see your boy?

Larry Nance is wanted for murder.

Coach Nick:  Which boy

Oh, no… what did he do?

Dave:  He killed Brook Lopez.


Coach Nick:  Aw, share the Vine with me!!

Dave:  https://vine.co/v/5QjWMXzbF7q

Also, https://twitter.com/hmfaigen/status/809228757990969344

Coach Nick:  Hubie is doing his get off my lawn speech with all these big guys that want to shoot 3s

Dave:  Do you remember when everyone was asking what happened to all of the skilled bigs?

Now, we’ve got bigs with skills and nobody is happy about it.

Mid Range is dead.

Coach Nick:  I was even watching that game earlier! The fact that I didn’t get that Vine means there’s no justice in this world

Dave:  Davis Bertans is a good player.

Coach Nick:  Are u in the future again?

Dave:  Our streams must be crossed.

Coach Nick:  Bertrand has a great looking jumper

Dave:  I’m a fan. Much quicker than a lot of bigger guys with his release.

Coach Nick:  He hopped into that 3, missed it, but looked nice

Dave:  I would take Amir Johnson on my team any day. He sealed his man for Olynyk and then got out of his way. He knows his game.


He’s the best at that.

Coach Nick:  He’s the best player in the NBA

Dave:  WOW

I was about to ask how you feel about Rozier. HAHA

Coach Nick:  He plays defense better than his offensive deficiency compared to LeBron

Does LeBron James Fit In With The Lakers?

Rosier had a sweet crossover pull up for 3

Dave:  I think he’s great. Definitely in my top 5.

Rozier is a really good player. Glad he is getting run.

Coach Nick:  Time to believe that Bradley is a shooter

Dave:  Celtics are trying to exploit the Horford/Lee matchup.

And yes, Bradley is a shooter.

Coach Nick:  I love Crowder

Dave:  Same here

Coach Nick:  I was about to ask Are The Celtics missing anybody?

Dave:  IT

Horford will struggle with Pau at the basket

Dave:  Leaving Patty Mills open isn’t great for Boston.

Coach Nick:  I was trying to figure out who his man was and…

Dave:  Pau should be embarrassed for letting Amir blow by him and then giving up the tip in.

And Kawhi left in the corner. HAHA

Marcus Smart was watching his shot on that play.

Coach Nick:  Bradley didn’t pursue, and he was about to be on my favorite player list

Dave:  Haha. No soup.

Dedmon pick and pop?!?!?!

Coach Nick:  DEDMON

Dave:  I really want Duncan to break the glass case on his jersey at the retirement ceremony.

Pop is going to be pissed about giving up that layup.

RIP Jonathan Simmons.

Coach Nick:  You mean the put back by Bradley?

Dave:  The buzzer beater full court layup.

Dave:  This Halftime show brought to you by Five Guys, once my wife shows up with it.

Coach Nick:  My wife ordered California Pizza Kitchen right after I ate nasty frozen meatballs and spaghetti and I am morose

So what are your thoughts on 1st half?

Lots of spacing and pacing

Dave:  Indeed.

Mills and Dedmon should play more minutes.

Give them all of the minutes.

Coach Nick:  Did u notice the Celtics putting Kawhi’s man in the weakside corner?

Coach Nick:  The second half is about to start, with the Spurs up 56-47

I was about to say at least this game is close…

Dave:  I did notice that. I’m curious if Pop has come up with a workaround.

The BEST BASKETBALL You Haven't Seen Before

Dave:  Kawhi’s free throw rate is elite.

Coach Nick:  Let’s watch where Crowder goes

Dave:  Have you noticed how good David Lee has been this year?

Coach Nick:  standing in corner…

Dave:  I think Kawhi should guard a more creative player. Crowder is great, but he hardly makes the action happen.

Dave:  Do you think Pop is watching Horford work Gasol in the post and imagining how great he would be as a Spur?

Coach Nick:  Over a glass of wine

This is what the future of basketball will look like – everyone will play this way

Dave:  I’m definitely going to be drinking a tempranillo during our post game show tonight in Pop’s honor.

Coach, the future is now.

We live in a post-Kobe world.

Pop switched Kawhi to Bradley. Bradley sits in the corner.

Coach Nick:  And David Lee with some fancy footwork on his good defense!

Dave:  The effort was always there with him. It was an athleticism issue.

Spurs scheme helps him big time.

Coach Nick:  David Lee fits very nicely – dare I say their offense looks better with him vs LMA?

Dave:  I prefer him to Pau.

Coach Nick:  So we’re just lookng for a way to get Pau out of the lineup

Dave:  I am.

This game is a great example of what Boston is missing. No reliable shot creation outside of IT.

Dave:  Bradley created that layup with a nice hesitation move. Got Manu to bite.

3 point game

Spurs running the stuck in the mud offense right now.

They need to get David Lee back in there.

I can’t believe I just typed that.

Coach Nick:  believe it. It’s real

Dave:  Stevens with the basic coach speech. One of my go to moves.

Coach Nick:  And after 3, the Celtics cut the lead down to 4, trail 77-73

Dave:  Zeller helps off the strong corner. Gasol 3.

Coach Nick:  I suppose the stuff they don’t show is much more enlightening

Dave:  Of course.

Dave:  Manu and Mills have real chemistry.



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