As an NBA fan, years ago, I was reading the engaging and insightful work of and enjoying the heck out of their real time, every-NBA-game-was-an-online-party chat, Daily Dime live. The relaxed, relatable way the writers and moderators talked and tweeted made the lightbulb go off: why don’t I start blogging about the NBA? One of the best of that TrueHoop staff? The one and only J.M. Poulard.

The former TrueHoop and Bleacher Report contributor, and current contributor, friend of the program and all around NBA aficionado J.M. Poulard hops on the pod to talk Kobe retirement announcement, how the media is covering Mamba, especially the not-so-flattering stuff (this Tom Ziller piece on how great it is to hate Kobe needs to be read at my funeral. Not a rendition for me: this same piece).

Then we roll: we talk a perfect team to combat the current NBA bullies, the Golden State Warriors (J.M. says that team already exists), and the state of the Lebron James’ ire with the Cavs. J.M. talks about the resurgent Kevin Love (he dives into it here in his latest piece for BballBreakdown, too!). We analyze what ails Wall and the Wiz, James Harden and the Rockets, and Kevin Durant and Westbrook in OKC. We look at the Derrick Rose-Jimmy Butler dynamic.

Rebuilding: we touch on how the Philadelphia Experiment may be detrimental to a talent like Jahlil Okafor, and J.M. surprises me with a bombshell about Joel Embiid. We pack a ton into this hour, so don’t miss a second of this NBA goodness.

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