October 18, 2018

FINALLY, after what seems like eons and eons, we’re getting real basketball back. We’ve pontificated and previewed to our hearts content, even written a book in ode to the 30 teams that hold our hearts captive, but now the NBA is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited.

I’m joined by SportingNews.com‘s NBA editor Adi Joseph (that’s @AdiJoseph on Twitter) talk all things ball: What NBA storyline intrigues him the most? what does Joakim Noah off the bench mean for the Bulls ? Do we crown young players like Anthony Davis and Rudy Gobert too soon? We’ll talk about his Fatal Flaws for Every NBA Team post (fascinating stuff), and revisit a debate on the Memphis methodology. What will Melo’s fate in New York be? What star does he think gets traded by the NBA trade deadline?Did the Pelicans do enough to keep pace in the West? Who would he prefer to have, a Westbrook sized Kevin Durant or a Kevin Durant sized Westbrook? We answer these important questions and much more in our hour long NBA lovefest.


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