January 16, 2019
Someone somewhere has to start keeping tabs on this. Allow us.

This list is subject to revision as more information on their trades today come in. However, as best can be established, these are all the future draft picks owned by the Philadelphia 76ers. Sam Hinkie has been busy.


Their own 1st (owed to Boston, but protected 1 through 14 – if not conveyed their own 2015 and 2016 seconds go instead)
1st from L.A. Lakers, possibly (protected 1 through 5 in 2015, 1 through 3 in both 2016 and 2017, and unprotected in 2018)
1st from Miami (top 10 protected; sure to be conveyed)
1st from Oklahoma City, probably (protected 1 through 18 in 2015, then 1 through 15 in both 2016 and 2017; if still not conveyed, OKC’s 2018 and 2019 second rounders go instead)
2nd from Golden State (unprotected)
2nd from Denver, probably (if Denver finish with a worse record than Minnesota, which they won’t, then Minnesota’s 2nd is conveyed instead)
2nd from Houston (unprotected)
2nd from New Orleans (unprotected)
2nd from Orlando (unprotected)


Their own 1st
2nd from Denver (unprotected)


Their own 1st
Their own 2nd


Their own 1st
Their own 2nd
2nd from either Brooklyn or Cleveland (whichever is higher)
2nd from either L.A. Clippers or New York (whichever is higher)


Their own 1st
Their own 2nd
2nd from New York (unprotected)
2nd from either Sacramento or Milwaukee (whichever is higher)


Their own 1st
Their own 2nd
2nd from Brooklyn (unprotected)

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