December 18, 2018

Hello all,

My name is Mark Deeks, and I am the new editor in chief here at BBALLBREAKDOWN.

This website needs an editor in chief now because, as of today, it is increasing exponentially. From now on, BBALLBREAKDOWN will, as you can see, not just be limited to a video channel. We are launching a website product that will co-exist alongside it to carry premium writing content akin to the premium video content already provided. Coach Nick and I have big plans for BBALLBREAKDOWN, and they begin as of right now.

To that end, I introduce myself and the team of contributors I have brought with me from another site. As a group, we have compiled this eBook preview of the upcoming 2014/15 NBA season as a free gift to the readers. The authors of this eBook – myself, Morten Jensen, Andrew Unterberger, Seth Partnow, Kevin Ferrigan, Bryan Toporek, Torkil Bang, Bobby Karalla, John Daigle, Jeff McMenamin, Michael Pina, Matthew Hochberg and Ben Dowsett – are the majority of the new group of contributors here at BBALLBREAKDOWN, and we present our labour of love as an introduction to the new site.

We hope you enjoy it.

– Mark Deeks, on behalf of the whole team, and himself.


Mark Deeks

Writing about anything to do with creating the best basketball teams possible. Also a competitive anagrammer. These two things combine to create brilliant son-in-law potential. I hate people who slap the table when they laugh. I like chairs you can swivel on.

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