January 19, 2018

You all know the story; Michael Jordan, after retiring from the NBA (for the first time) gets sucked down a golf hole and roped into defending Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes from a group of evil aliens that for some reason listen to Danny DeVito. Anyways, Mike and his cartoon buddies fell behind early, but came back and won on a buzzer-beater, preventing poor MJ from becoming a slave on Moron Mountain.

In the breakdown, Coach Nick talks about the Tune Squad’s slow start, and how some help from a potentially banned substance at halftime helped Newman and the gang pull off the greatest comeback in a game where aliens stole powers from actual NBA players. (It’s not a huge sample size.)

So, here’s the breakdown of the Space Jam game, which is still one of the most popular basketball movies of all time.



Daniel Buerge

Daniel covers the NBA for SLAM Magazine and is the Editor-in-Chief of Lakers Nation. Follow Daniel on Twitter, @DanielBuergeLA.

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