January 18, 2018

Every once in awhile we’re blessed with an angry coach in front of a microphone. Whether it’s Jim Mora’s astonished ‘playoffs?’ rant, Mike Gundy telling the world he’s a 40 year-old man, or the Michigan women’s coach proclaiming, “that’s how I feel!”, there’s nothing quite like a post-game rant from a coach.

And, due to the marvels of poor shooting around the basket by the SIU men’s team, we have another!

Barry Hinson, head coach of the Southern Illinois University basketball team, was not pleased with his team’s effort again Murray State, and he explained how disappointed he was in several key ways.

1. Size doesn’t matter, as Hinson has reportedly told his wife multiple times.
2. His wife, the same one who knows size doesn’t matter, is apparently a monster around the rim, and has a great pump-fake.
3. Turning the ball over as a point guard is not considered a tax credit, even though the SIU guards apparently think it is.

I could go on naming the gems from this video for another 10 minutes, but instead I’ll just shut up and let you watch the video. Enjoy.

(h/t Bleacher Report)



Daniel Buerge

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