February 15, 2019

The latest episode of NBA Court Call with former referee Ronnie Nunn dives into some of the more controversial (and questionable) calls in recent NBA games. Coach Nick and Ronnie talk about Steph Curry’s game-winner, and whether or not that should have been a technical foul. They also talk about a potential traveling violation by Curry, the rip-thru moves that are no longer garnering free throws, and the never-ending questions of verticality on defense.

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Even though NBA officials are the best basketball referees in the world, they still make mistakes. Coach Nick and Ronnie Nunn are here to break down those mistakes, and point out where the refs were right and where they were wrong!

If you have any calls that you want Coach & Ronnie to break down, be sure to send them in and you might see your call on next week’s episode of Court Call!


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