November 17, 2017

Well, Miami has better players. But hopefully, Vogel learns from this and figures out how to more consistently get his team to feed the post

@JwPark23 If you noticed it live, you’d be laughing with me… 😉

@ello_k Sorry, I know I’m aging myself, but I can assure you, it’s “Come in, Tokyo.”

@avinashkunnath Yes. How long will that last? I know Bynum had it done and it helped for a bit

Did anyone else think Juwan Howard was doing “Come in,Tokyo.”???

That cross over to fake using the screen by Wade should be practiced by all young players.

@avinashkunnath @SebastianPruiti @HPbasketball But for most of series, they TOLD him to back up and let them drive…

Cuz he didn’t take out Collison hard enough last time? RT @NASTYSANDWICHH: @bballSource I sense a Wade dagger coming soon

And my favorite game: How many points wins this game? I say 99 points. So Heat need only get one more bucket.

The Pacers hit a 3 and score in transition after a no call on a Wade drive. Down 6 with 2:28 to go

OMG. Wade. I was in the NBA wilderness during his prime around 06, so this is the best I have ever ever ever seen him play

I don’t think Battier has successfully stopped David West yet

If Pacers refuse to call a play that gets Hibbert on the low block, then TAKE HIM THE F*CK OUT of the game.

Letting Hibbert challenge from the restricted area on pick ‘n rolls just ain’t working.

The nicest thing to say was that that Pacer offensive set was ill conceived, Coach Vogel.

@ryenarussillo Pacers are equally unaware that Hibbert isn’t getting position on the low block

And disturbingly erotic. RT @SherwoodStrauss: It’s sad that this is how John Malkovich waits for death

LeBron James yelling at Battier to be in the corner, and he’s right! Battier is in no man’s land.

@ello_k YouTube has them, believe it or not. It’s actually 6.5%, which is awesome either way!

Why are they doing high screen and rolls with Hibbert instead of posting him up? He turns it over dribbling it. Heat up 9 with 6:42 left

IND has played so ugly for so long, I can’t remember what worked so well for them earlier in this series

YES, all 18 of them! 🙂 RT @ello_k: @bballSource Yep! Then you would lose all your female followers!

It’d be even better if he’d hang on to the friggin’ ball RT @8pts9secs: HIBBERT ORBs. Right now. HUGE.

Looking at that Heat play, they screen with Battier, who then turns his back on the ball and runs away. That ain’t good offense.

@dandakich So weird that they just listened to you and doubled Wade, got a TO.

@Ammanuel3 I’ll give him an A for effort, but he’s been awful

I was going to make a joke about female professional bowlers and their bowling balls, but thought better of itl

Battier continues to be a wet blanket for the #Heat with a game low -12 in +/- in a whopping 30 mins. Turiaf at -5 in 10 1/2 mins

If the Pacers can just get the ball to the wing and throw it in to the post, they’re in business. Too cute by half on most possessions

Um, LeBron, the 50’s called and want their running one hander off the glass back.

Hansborough deflects pass to James Jones, who knocks in 15 footer. Heat have a 10 point lead, this might be it.

As a coach, whenver you sub somebody in and they hit a shot, you feel smart. #Granger

Gotta yank Barbosa for that near turnover. He did NOT come ready to play today.

A dude looks like that and dates a woman like that should just be happy he went out with her at all. #QuickenLoansCommercial


6 more turnovers by #Pacers, who are getting worn out by the Heat pressure.They can’t turn it over 3 times this quarter if they hope to win

Collison helps off the Heat’s best 3 pt shooter, even tho he’s only 1 pass away. Collison is single handedly losing this game for #Pacers

Here’s how Collison killed them: Turn over in the lane, mad at himself, so he takes LBJ for no reason. Mike Miller wide open 3. 5 pt swing

This is an example of the Heat’s pressure withering the Pacers. Even w/ the George 3, they’re not getting the shots they want.


WHAT?!!? I just watched the Collison travel – and there’s really nothing there…

OMG – get Barbosa the F*CK out of the game. Awful foul, then awful turnover.

First time out of a time out, the Pacers go to Hibbert in post – missed tough lefty jump hook.

I can’t help but read between the lines when Granger said Yale was “too much out of his comfort zone.”

@PointForwardPro But then I can’t reference Weird Science, br’a!

@dukefan4rule Don’t apologize for being wrong. #TrollingIsFun

The way Collison has to heave the ball for a 3 makes me wish he won’t shoot any more of them.

I always preferred the term “Family Jewels” instead of “sensitive area.”

Vogel matching up the way I said he should with George on LBJ and Hill on Wade. Great D by Hill, but Wade STILL hits. SHEESH!

@KDonhoops @robdelaney BEcause it’s so gorgeously melancholy?

Marc Davis is having some serious problems. That Granger deflection didn’t need to be called.

This is the best I’ve seen Dwyane Wade play ever.

If Miami beats you with LeBron James facing up and hitting 22 footers, so be it.

@xtorrey I don’t know why they don’t space the floor, clear weakside low post, and hit the post from the top for a layup!!!

Hill and George yelling at each other. No reason Hill needed to pick up Wade, leaves Chalmers wide open for 3. Heat up 59-57 7:51 left in 3d

Hibbert didn’t get all his toes out of the lane before helping out on LeBron drive, hence illegal D

So #Pacers brought everybody above the FT line to lob to West. CRAP – Van Gundy is in my brain!!!

I just think the Pacers are being WAY too cute getting ball in the post.

#Pacers better hope that Time Out they had to burn doesn’t cost them at the end of the game.


#Pacers cn argue Wade wnt have BigHead in 2nd half & that they probly wnt turn it ovr another 12 times. Heat hope IND bench plays more

Pacers committed 12 turnovers. This is a total they should have for the game. Both teams have things to feel good about at halftime.

@3Deezy Safe to say #Pacers cannot let Wade shoot 69% in 2nd half. And Barbosa might have to hang out with Vogel

@NBAGuru I didn’t think the injury was very severe in the first place.

I charted the Pacer possessions the last 4 mins. Twice, Pacers went to post, out of 7 possessions. This is the problem for #Pacers

@TimDonahue8p9s I thought he played near perfect D on Wade until he got screened off and Wade got layup…

Wow, Battier is -15 in 18 mins. Getting abused in post

@Googleman245 Hey, he just went coast to coast for a nice layup, right after LeBron MISSED a wide open fast break layup!!

Possible LeBron’s knee got twisted a bit on the camera man, but not a good angle…

Rondo would’ve turned that George Hill awesome fake into a layup

Pacers back into their rut where they cannot stop dribble penetration – from Chalmers, no less.

Can’t let Wade dribble up the court and not pick him up until FT line. Gotta slow him down earlier.

Jeff Van Gundy makes my job harder b/c he can speak faster than I can type. #GeniusCoach

Ay ay ay. You CANNOT make a hi low entry pass to the weakside.

I swear that was the first time HORNS didn’t lead to a layup or wide open shot. Miller TO, Granger dunk. #Pacers up 4

That pull up George Hill shot on baseline is exactly what Barbosa cannot do.

@FifteenStrong Like Battier, He won’t get 5 in this game… (although that prediction is a LOT harder to make)

I scored with chicks all the time when I used the “My cable is out” line. #CollegeLies

If some old lady put her face in my oatmeal at McDonald’s, and took a picture of it from 2 inches away, I’d call the frickin’ cops.

The Heat need both LeBron and Wade to shoot well. Right now, Wade is 9-13 for 18 pts. LeBron is fair at 4-10 with 9 pts. Hence 41-41

Barbosa was a real albatross to the #Pacers. If he ain’t gettin’ buckets, give him splinters via @hussinali24

Throwing Granger a lob in the post, hoping he puts it in a la alley oop, is just NOT what they should be looking for.

I like Hibbert, but dude IS soft. Just let ball go thru his hands, Miller 3.

That is such an awful call on George Hill. The screener sticks out his hip

Wade is in Big Head mode. #NBAJams

Swinging the ball to an open corner 3 is NOT a good shot for Indiana. That misses, and it’s a dunk for Miami

Out of time out, Vogel calls. the hi low from Hibbert to West. That isn’t the best option and they got lucky on Wade call on Jones

Anyone guess where the Pacers have NOT been getting the ball for the last several minutes?

Well, the only reason LeBron didn’t travel is that he is LeBron and this is the NBA

Jones is doing a lousy job of positioning when Wade doesn’t have the ball. He’s gotten at least 2 FGs b/c of it

@tedi_bear Oh, right. He’s the Rondo guy too. NBA reffing ain’t his thing.

Watch how good the Heat are at keeping the ball on one side of the court. Not mentioned enough.

Spoelstra not taking out LeBron or Wade. IND only has Paul George in from their starters

@Googleman245 Actually, George is in

@bballSource 5 bench players on the floor for indiana…WHAT IN THE WORLD.

Who is that ref that keeps making these awful calls? Hansborough got taken out on the screen & they called a foul?

Seems like Barbosa should’ve gotten a layup out of that backdoor cut. Instead, Pacers turn it over on a charge

@lazenby @JaySway52 Every shot out of the offense has 3 offensive rebounders and 2 guys back. PERFECTION

LeBron goes 3-8 in the first quarter, Wade 3-5. Pacers need to watch their combined shooting percentage closely.

Why do I get the impression we were lucky the Malkovich and Siri commercial ended when it did?

Might just be me, but I don’t understand why the #Pacers didn’t go to the low post every time. And I mean EVERY. TIME.

Pacers seem to want LBJ to bring the ball up and initiate the offense. That way, if he does get it back, clock is against him. #Smart

Barbosa has not helped the Pacers at all with this run – 2 turnovers in 2 1/2 minutes.

It was James Jones who needed to box out the shooter, not cole

Heat run HORNS, could’ve gotten layup, but Chalmers hits WIDE OPEN three. I’m tellin’ you, it HORNS

OMG – this ref is silly with that call on Barbosa. And trust me, if it goes against Heat, I’ll call it out too

Nice little duck in by Granger on LeBron – who was simply not ready out of the time out


@StevenJung @HPbasketball Problem is, he was playing D like that with NO fouls!

Hibbert has gotten 1 shot from a weakside cross screen mix up by Battier. One other touch in post led to Granger 3. Um, get it to Hibbert!

Pacers better with their spacing when trying to get ball to post. I think they should run what works several times in a row, though.

Paul George told Granger 2 take Wade in transition.Granger just can’t move laterally fast enough, Wade dunk. Pacers up 19-12 w/ 3:44 in 1st

@MRubenm0023 He could have that shot all day…

There is lots of room for improvement from Paul George. One thing – get the ball to Hill on the fastbreak!

I know I tended to shoot better on a bad ankle – just that much more focused.

One could argue that Spoelstra is being patient, sticking to game plan. But I wouldn’t.

What offense is Miami running? 5 guys standing around?

I have a mind meld with Vogel right now – went right to Hibbert from wing, they get Granger 3.

#Pacers way too cute on that set w/ a hi screen and roll to get Hibbert ball in post. Just go to post, feed him from wing. #KISS

I’m not a fan of the one legged floater – it just makes the shot that much harder. Pull up, Wade!

This is the kind of start the #Pacers needed, up 10-2 with 8:30 left in 1st. George only Pacer who hasn’t missed.

Pacers adjust by setting cross screens for Hibbert and West. Battier needs to bump Hibbert here. Bad D

It always seem to me that Battier is more likely to miss a 3 like he just did than make it

Refs don’t want to put the whistles in their mouths, it appears. No calls, travels… shesh

We get to see if Spoelstra will adjust his defense, or continute to give layups to IND at home

On every off ball screen that Wade sets for LeBron, George and Granger will switch. No problem to have George on LeBron

IND has definitely adjusted to fronting of the post – did the dribble to the corner that we demonstrated, even!

OMG – how can West not be ready fro layup????

Granger is going to have to get warmed up, it appears…

I wasn’t impressed by Pacers first set – seemed a little disorganized, but got the job done. Does not bode well for Heat

So the Pacers do a hi low to West on Battier. Layup.

OK – Pacers get the ball to start the 4th

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