November 17, 2017

The following is a running commentary of tweets by Coach Nick:

Read our article and watch the breakdown of this game here.

Spoelstra needs to teach Chalmers to stop trying to draw contact on his 3 point shots. Every one becomes off balance.

I don’t believe it – and Marv Albert got confused with clock and 24 second clock

@ec_lkhaa Pacers did their best to match Heat’s mistakes. #NoOneWantsThis

Almost good for the Pacers, as a lot of time ran out. But now Heat get to inbound it on their end. It is in a WEIRD spot, though.

Actually – great no call on Hill, b/c there was no foul on Wade – he just blew the right handed scoop on left side

Battier missed Wade on the right block. We know refs swallow whistles at the end, right? #BostonFansDisagree

So are his FTs (by the rim) RT @JRSportBrief: Damn. LeBron layups getting whopped.

LeBron James looks to attack Danny Granger
@haralabob You should come by our studio and do a guest breakdown with us. You up for it?

@haralabob Is there a catchier way to say Vinny Del Negro imprint? Because it’s so real, palpable.

Tell me something: Do EITHER of these teams look like potential NBA champions to you?

@swirvfly And I tweeted that before he missed those FTs!!!!!!!!

@swirvfly Spoelstra played him entire second half. Problem…

Hard to believe Hibbert couldn’t face the basket on that missed Wade shot.

IND need only point to their last 2 possessions, and George’s missed FT if they lose htis

Holy Moly! Did I just see LeBron turn back into LeBrick from the finals last year?

Did you see Hibbert come out 2 feet farther on that Wade ball screen? Wade brocked it

Heat deserve ball back – Wade got hit on his shot, no call.

I don’t think you can sacrifice defense for Barbosa’s offense.

@RicaldiJMarc That’s where they should be, man. Haslem!

@travishealey Same – they’d front the post, pressure the wing. But they were much better at attacking this

There’s about 6 or 7 possessions left, IND up by 2.

OMG – Battier on West? Are you serious Spoelstra??

If you’re looking for an example of an inexperienced team beginning to fall apart, look no further than the #Pacers

While Granger started shooting better for a stretch, he’s KILLED the Pacers tonight.

Hard to believe Hill and Granger don’t even try to box out… Wade put back

So Indiana has got to 5 out, here. No post presence at all. Vogel has no other ideas to combat the fronting. Kinda sad.

David West proves indispensable to the Pacers
LeBron boxes Granger out to get post position, no call at home. Meanwhile – no call on the shot?

So Granger is pretty bad leading a fast break. That’s two bad decisions this quarter.

So Vogel doesn’t put Paul George back in (his best player in this game) and takes out Hibbert instead.

I imagine Vogel brings Paul George back in now.

Hibbert doesn’t grab offensive rebound, taps it to Heat. Then challenges Anthony’s shot?? Doesn’t get rebound

OH WOW- the replay of Wade shows Flagrant for sure. Wade couldn’t control himself after not getting a call on Dahntay Jones

If Granger is tired, maybe – but what an awful pass to Collison, also way too slow getting loose ball

Heat don’t match up great, with Battier guarding Barbosa.

Holy Crap is Barbosa AWFUL at passing to the post.

MIA went from 21 pts in 1st to 17 pts in 2nd to 14 pts in 3rd. At this rate, they’ll have 12 pts in 4th. #Math #Patterns

With this (kinda yucky) Heat lineup -LBJ, Battier,Chalmers,Anthony,Cole – all Pacers need to do is stop LeBron from shooting.

Danny Granger has raised his level. But question is – can the Pacers keep up intensity in the FOURTH quarter?

Paul George is a +20 (higher until that LBJ And1 just now) and is simply making plays.

When Wade goes out, it enables Paul George to guard LBJ, which has been very successful thus far. Granger can check Battier.

Usually, saying let everybody not named LeBron or Dwyane shoot is cliche. But it’s the truth tonight.

This is where the Heat wished they had Bosh instead of Joel Anthony shooting turn around jumpers

OH! Paul George with a flush!

I bet Heat go to HORNS out of this time out. Their offensive sets this quarter have been atrocious thus far.

Here’s that first half awesome dunk by Wade:

Does Paul George (@King24George) have eyes in the back of his head? That would explain his hand. #ShakeWeight

And I have NO idea why I’m tweeting like I’m a Pacers fan, BTW

OMG, Haslem grabs Paul George’s arm. While Pacers got that open court foul on Chalmers, they’re getting screwed otherwise

Whatever you want to say about the Pacers offense, the Heat offense is equally bad

@NBATupark He guarded LBJ and shut him down, got his 2 buckets during that run that closed the gap…

Vogel should put in a rule: You cannot attack from the top without making a pas first

@NBATupark Are you kidding me? George has been the best player on the Pacers today. Don’t look at shooting #’s only – he’s +10

With 2 post players like West and Hibbert, you NEED some high low action. Instead, I see both of them low, getting in each other’s way

I’m really not liking Indiana’s offense – and I’m talking conceptually. MIA can keep them on 1 side of floor too easily

Miami shooting 38% – LBJ & Wade are 8-19 (42%). THe rest of team? 7-21 (33%). Make the others shoot, IND

Wow – all Pacers have to do is make sure Haslem, CHalmers, and Turiaf shoot

This is what the Heat do – let you pass around perimeter, so you think you’re getting good offense, til shot clock winds down

There’s HORNS by the Pacers – of course, it gets a layup, but George can’t finish. Gotta dunk that sh*t

@AdamReisinger Wait – did he say that’s what he averaged one year?

@dianaallen Rushing a shot to get it under a certain time ends up being inefficient. Better to work to get the best shot possible always

I’m not agreeing with all this Hibbert too slow and deliberate in post talk. Lobs don’t work when West is on weakside block.

@dianaallen At @SloanSportsConf, they analyzed the value of executing 2 for 1 correctly. One extra win every 2 years

@TimDonahue8p9s It’s their position when Heat front. West’s man can come over WAY too easily for lob. & they won’t hit top and duck in

And I wish I had invented the shake weight, since that motion could be construed as very natural

The shake weight is frought with such eroticism, it’s not even a subtle joke

Is this Carl’s Jr commercial with the chick eating the chicken tender sandwich national? i.e. did everyone just see it?

While you wait for the 2nd half, enjoy this crazy spin move slam by Dwyane Wade: #Heat

I’m such a broken record, but 2 for 1 don’t net you anything.

@TimDonahue8p9s And when I say you’re frustrating me, I really mean I love you.

@TimDonahue8p9s Tim, you are frustrating me – it’s the other way around!!! Post sets up outside shots

Chuck: “Scoring 33 points ain’t gonna beat ANYbody.” #True

Chuck has so little respect for the Pacers, he won’t even round up on their FG%

@HPbasketball …On an Island in the post, Roy Hibbert can’t make them toast…

I need a light up red phone to Frank Vogel’s office.

Dammit! Pacers can’t have West on the weakside post when they lob to Hibbert. The help D is 2 steps away!

@DJHendry How about that last LBJ pull up jumper he nailed? Hibbert has to step up, or someone else has to cover for him.

Check out that great Wade spin move and dunk on the Pacers. Pretty impressive:

Amazing Dwyane Wade Dunk vs. Pacers:

Paul George is everywhere – laying it in, deflecting passes. I don’t know why they went back to Granger on LBK

Out of time out, instead of Horns, Spoelstra goes with LBJ ball screen for Wade. Not a bad idea, til LeBron popped for a fade away brick

Granger gets away with a vet move of pushing LBJ from behind on his floater in lane.

Paul George is on his way to establishing himself as the star of this Pacers team

They need to feed Hibbert from the top on a duck in! Or bring it it to corner and attack from there.

A SpecTACular move! Wade dunk… highlight coming… stand bu

There are bad turnovers and not-so-bad turnovers. Throwing a pass to the high post away is a bad turnover. #ColeDunk

You want to know why Paul George is +10, while team is down 5? Watch him defend LeBron

Jones shooting a 3 while trying to draw contact before the release. #BadIdea

I was going to count the # of times the Pacers post up Hibbert, but I fear I won’t need any fingers

Vogel: “Only difference is that they made some easy shots, we missed ours.” kinda/sorta

So the Pacers, piece by piece, are figuring out the matchups that work for them. Paul George guarding LBJ is infinitely better than Granger

So I said on Twitter yesterday that Paul George should guard LeBron – & what do you know? He’s doing a good job, only Pacer in positive +/-

@TimDonahue8p9s @IndyCornrows Wait – last year, we’re talking. Hansbrough made Boozer look bad in post (not hard to do, btw)

@IndyCornrows BTW – have you noticed who was guarding LBJ the last 2 times he’s bricked? #MYIDEAFRANKVOGEL

HORNS by the Heat – good shot by LBJ going to left (natch). but a brick

@IndyCornrows Don’t they throw the ball to Hansbrough in the post anymore? I remember last year he hurt the BUlls in the playoffs

I am astounded and appaled that the Pacers have not adjusted to the Heat fronting of the post

MIA leads the league in throwing passes to the wing, then having the wing throw the ball right back to PG. #Turrible

@JoshZavadil Could? you mean should?

Indiana has to be patient, keep it moving. Ah, hell – Steve Kerr said it first

@francisco_u_III That said, when Rose went down, I was more upset that MIA gets to Finals as a result

@lancebailey Aha – thanks. Let’s see if Pacers can make a layup…

@francisco_u_III Honest answer – not really, per sé. I think LeBron is best player in the NBA

@IraHeatBeat Ira, that’s the worst shot in basketball, don’t you know? Shoot the 3, or get closer…

Having only watched 2 mins, I can already say with certainty that Miami pulls away for an easy win #NostraBALLus

Dahntay Jones dunk, James Jones curl and jumper, who’s next? Caldwell?

Dahntay Jones with a dunk!

So IND is a scrappy team, a bit less athletically gifted than Heat. How are they only down 6 when shooting 24%? Heat have 6 TOs

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