November 19, 2017

Rob Mahoney’s insights are splashed all over the internet, from the N.Y. Times (see his most recent article here), to The Two Man Game, to NBC Sports’ ProBasketballTalk, and we were happy to sit down and go through some of these NBA Playoff series with him.

Our talk ranged from Carmelo Anthony having such a burden, especially since the Knicks epidemic of injuries puts them in an untenable position. And to top it off, the Glasshole Amare Stoudemire is taking himself out of the game by hurting his hand on purpose.

We shifted gears to the Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, and we both agree this could be the most hotly contested sweep of all time, or a seven game epic series. With Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle involved, you can never count out the Mavs.

And finally, we went over the Clippers vs. the Grizzlies, marveling at how Chris Paul had willed them to a victory, even in the face of Vinny Del Negro wanting to throw in the towel.

Stay tuned, as we hope to have Rob back on the show to offer his expert insights into the other series. And next time, we promise to argue a little bit.

Coach Nick

Coach Nick is the founder of BballBreakdown, coached the Triangle Offense at the high school level, and counts Tex Winter and Pete Newell as mentors. For more of our conversation, follow him @BBALLBREAKDOWN.

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