January 16, 2019

2011 NBA Finals Game 4: Dirk Makes LeBron Look Sick from Coach Nick on Vimeo.

Coach Nick breaks down the genius adjustments Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle has implemented to get the Mavs easier shots. LeBron James has deferred to Dwyane Wade, shrinking from the pressure of the Super Bowl of the NBA.


Coach Nick

Coach Nick is the founder of BballBreakdown, coached the Triangle Offense at the high school level, and counts Tex Winter and Pete Newell as mentors. For more of our conversation, follow him @BBALLBREAKDOWN.

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  • So mavs make all these great adjustments and nice plays, Miami plays bad defence and slow offence, yet the game is real close? Doesn’t bode well for Dallas unless they keep reinventing the ball every game. (Well I guess the mavs missed plenty of good shots and LeBron flopped for a foul+technical giving them more points than they deserved)

  • well… the Mavs are playing:

    without Haywood (their supposed to be starting center) – injured
    without Butler (their 2nd best scorer and all around player) – injured
    without Roddy (their starting 2 guard) – injured
    without DoJo (their Barea-backup) – injured
    [thats 3 starters right there being out for the rest of the season]

    they also suffer because of Peja having back spasms and Marion having a sprained calf

    all while their only offensive weapon (Dirk) is having a torn tendon in his left hand, an injured right wrist (from a block shot in game 2) and he is playing with a 102°F fever.

    so – maybe thats the reason the game was close.

  • Not in that situation, under a minute to go down by 2… You gotta get a shot for LBJ, Wade or Bosh

  • Thanks! I think they already do – one of our subscribers usually embeds the videos there.

  • Is it me or Chandler traveled when he was about to dunk the ball? (when Wade came to block him)

  • Well, we are all fine now – NBA likes what we’re doing! Check out our Game 5 breakdown.

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